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Let’s not make things so dang difficult.

We know there are lots of options available when it comes to creating and managing your website. From your cousin’s nephew who knows coding to full-service advertising agencies and everything in between. However, if you aren’t technically inclined, things can get complicated and confusing fast. Since our founding in 2014, we have followed our core values, to always strive to explain things as simply as possible with clear expectations and only recommend items that are in our customer’s best interest.

This means we won’t recommend services that we don’t believe will move the needle for your business, and will openly explain any challenges or concerns that we see.


Michael Pazienza, Co-founder & CEO

Michael Pazienza

Co-founder & CEO

With over 15 years of experience creating websites, online stores, and digital experiences for some of the best brands and companies in the world, Michael founded Mashbox in 2014 to help bridge the technical know-how missing from many marketing teams.

Now he gets to make a bigger impact on a business by not only unlocking the ability to do more for themselves with WordPress, but also by providing insights, recommendations, and best practices from his experiences to make each website really hum.

In addition, he is involved in parrot and wildlife rescue organizations and feels it is important for the organization to give back, whether through volunteering, services, or financial support.

Core Values

Do what's best, not what's easy.

Our customers' success is our success, its that simple. We should always explore every option available and present the best solutions. We will never recommend something that would not benefit a customer.

A beginning should always have an ending.

We will never start something that we won't finish and will always give it our best. If we are not the right person for the job, we will find that right person, even if they are a competitor.

Keep it real and keep it often.

We communicate regularly and with true intent. When everyone is in the know there are less opportunities for failure. When we speak candidly with customers and ourselves we create a better collaborative environment. More is better.

Everyone deserves respect.

We expect that both our customers and employees will be treated with respect and be held to reasonable standards. All of us are on the same team-give each other the momentum to move forward and understanding for life's curveballs.

Amazing customers we have been privileged to work with over the years

Hai Hospitality
Keller Williams
Pioneer Electronics
Q1 Media
Research Exchange

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