Know that you're covered.

Our plans provide you with on-going professional support for your WordPress website, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Keep everything up-to-date, optimized, and secure.

WordPress is the most popular website management software platform and runs about 35% of all websites on the internet. With this popularity, comes people hunting for ways to exploit the software to gain access. We make things simple by keeping track of the latest upgrades, testing for compatibility, and alerting you to any issues that may arise, ensuring that you are on the latest supported versions.

A clear, consistent grasp of your site's health.

We like to avoid unexpected surprises when it comes to the websites we manage, so we have developed a series of health checks for the most vital aspects of a website and deliver those results weekly in a site ‘report card’. We then use these results as a clear signal of where more focused efforts should be placed.

Keep your site as fresh as you want it.

Whether you blog daily or only update a few times a month, Mashbox is your sidekick, helping you keep your website content fresh and current. Just send us the approved content you need posted and we take care of getting it onto the site and available. Need more than just content? Our on-demand developer hours allow you to customize your site, from page layouts and styling to custom plugins and integrations.

Developer support When you need it.

We understand that not all websites, teams, or businesses are equal in their WordPress developer needs, but there are several common issues that most websites want to address. We created several add-on packages to extend your plan, that allow us to efficiently check off those critical items.

How it works

Step 1. Evaluation

Success starts with a solid understanding of your website and goals.

Account Setup & Website Diagnostic

Much like a home inspection, we need to evaluate your website to get a clear view into how things are put together and better understand which areas need to be focused on. We then prepare a customized report outlining the items we uncover along with our recommendations.


Step 2. Choose a plan

The diagnostic report gives us the priorities, now you pick how much support is right for your business.


Ideal for websites that don’t change often but need to perform well.



Perfect for growing businesses and ecommerce websites.


Professional Services

Let us plug right into your extended marketing team.


A fully customized website
support solution with everything
we usually offer, plus:

Step 3. Select add-ons

Our add-on packages are optional one-time services that allow you to address common issues without affecting your support plan.

All of our support plans include:

Maintenance & Security

WordPress is a constantly evolving website management tool, we keep your site up-to-date with the latest site, theme, and plugin versions.

Performance Insights

Feel confident in your website with our weekly report card sent directly to your email with a clear picture of your website's health.

Content Updates

Keeping your website fresh and accurate is essential, but also time consuming. Let us knock those items off your checklist.

Nightly Backups

Prevent yourself from losing sleep and business from unexpected problems by letting us back up your data for emergencies.

Website Monitoring

Nobody likes when a customer discovers a broken or unreachable website first. We will scan for unexpected visual changes.

Developers On-demand

Access to expert WordPress developers to help with more complex items such as content layouts, themes, or customizations.

Frequently asked questions

Content updates are tasks that include any type of textual, image, or functional update to the website that does not require a developer and/or designer to complete the task. Any materials, such as text content, images, links, and instructions will be provided by the customer. Examples of content updates would be creating a new blog post, updating a paragraph of text, disabling a popup window, or changing an employee headshot.

If a requested content update requires a developer, such as a new layout or function, Mashbox will inform the customer and will utilize any available on-demand developer hours.

Absolutely! Additional hours may be requested and are subject to availability. If you are on our essential or premium plans than additional hours may be purchased at the rate of $150.00 per hour. If you are utilizing professional services, than the rate would be equal to the rate outlined in your agreement. Professional services customers may also pull forward up to 10% of the hours from the next month of service.

All of our plans come in 6-month or 12-month terms after the initial evaluation, this allows us to provide the best quality service to you and provide better recommendations as we get to know your business.

The Mashbox weekly report card consists of a series of five grades (from 0-100) for the most critical aspects of the website: performance, best practices, SEO, accessibility, and security. These grades are calculated utilizing several tools, plugins, and services to scan the WordPress website.

In addition, we include the average load time of the home page for a customer, the average completion time for the home page, and any theme/plugin updates for that week.

We also review any tasks that were completed for the week and any issues uncovered that need to be addressed.

Yes, to take advantage of our services, such as image optimization and nightly backups, we will need to install some plugins. These plugins are well-maintained and will not degrade the experience of your site and are available at no cost while you are subscribed to a monthly plan.

We may also recommend installing additional plugins for your site depending on where we can see improvement, and only recommend plugins that are well-established in the WordPress ecosystem. Additional plugins may have additional costs associated and would be discussed prior to installation.

Unlike the essential or premium plans, professional services is perfect for businesses that require more developer time and are looking for more pro-active support and advice in a more organic way. Professional services include monthly retainers for ten or more dedicated developer hours with a minimum of 3-month commitment. Each professional services plan includes an account manager along with a weekly virtual stand-up to discuss the weeks priorities and roadblocks. In addition, we will review the website for possible improvements each quarter and offer suggestions on prioritizing tasks.

Please contact us for more information.

Unfortunately, We do not offer hosting ourselves, mainly because there are already platforms out there that do a much better job of it than we could.

Instead, we have two preferred hosts that we highly recommend: Pantheon and WP Engine. Both hosts offer robust platforms with features we believe are essential to any business, including multiple environments.

If required, we are happy to set up an account with either platform, and even manage billing as an add-on to your support plan.

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